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​A full-fledged casino with a retro atmosphere

BONS(Bonds Casino)

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[What is BONS?]

BONS is a retro-style online casino that opened in 2020. The casino is attractive with the industry's largest luxury bonus and a full line-up that you can play only here.TedBetis a sister site.

In addition to general poker and roulette casinos, you can bet on sports, live dealers, finance, and more!

[Cashback boasting up to 20%]

On the 1st of every month, a portion of the previous month's losses is returned as cashback. The amount is up to 20%!
This is the highest return in the industry!

[You can also enjoy “Binary Options”]

Bonds Casino offers slots, live casino, and sports betting, but you can also play with “binary options”!
It is a new sensation game that you can easily play without any knowledge just by predicting the up and down of the exchange rate after a certain period of time!

[Japanese language support 24/7]

Support is available 24 hours a day in Japanese via email and chat, and depending on the situation, telephone support by Japanese staff is also available!
We work 24/7 to eliminate player concerns!

[Bonds Casino no deposit requiredBonus]

No Deposit Required Bonus 5000 Yen (Bonus Code: otoku45) 40x Wagering Requirements. Maximum withdrawal 12,000 yen. Self-affiliation (including family members and close relatives) is prohibited.


​ Industry-leading number of games! Casino & Sports Betting

TedBet(Ted Bett)

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[Ted BetWhat is]

Founded in 2022, TedBet is one of the fastest growing online casinos. Tedbet features a wide variety of games that can be played, and the number of games.

In addition to live games and slots, sports betting is also supported, so you can enjoy the game without getting bored. Please enjoy Tedbet, which boasts an industry-leading number of games.

​Bonds Casinois a sister site.

[Variety of deposit methods]

Tedbet offers a wide variety of deposit and withdrawal methods.

Various credit cards, bank transfers, various virtual currencies, various online payment services, etc.

It also incorporates online payment services such as Tiger Pay, which is relatively new, so you can conveniently use deposits and withdrawals.

[Luxurious loyalty program]

TedBet's loyalty program allows you to receive cashback and rebates based on your usage.

At the top Ultimate status, you can earn 5% to 10% cashback every Monday and 0.8% rebate with no withdrawal requirements at any time.

Depending on the amount you play, you can enjoy great and luxurious benefits, so please enjoy online casino with TedBet.

[4 types of luxurious welcome packages]

A luxurious welcome package awaits you right after you register at Tedbet.


・ Up to 200 times cash bonus
・1000 yen sports free bet
- 200 free spins on dog house games
・1000 yen for live roulette

It is also a casino with a wide variety of game genres, so there are bonuses suitable for each.

[Ted BetNo Deposit Bonus]


Enter the bonus code "ted" to receive a $45 no deposit bonus. Wagering requirements: 30x

Maximum withdrawal requirement: $120 

If you enter the code at the time of registration and complete the KYC procedure within 30 days, the bonus is available.

​This is a great bonus, so please take advantage of it!


An online casino that aims for safety, security, and maximum enjoyment


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[What is Konivet?]

Konibet is an online casino that was established in 2019 and has been growing in popularity while working hard. Not only is it fully equipped with a Japanese site and customer support, but it also frequently holds events and promotions that are familiar to Japanese users. It is a user-friendly website that makes it easy for users to find information that interests them, such as terms and conditions for promotions and bonuses.

[Variety of deposit methods]

The deposit and withdrawal methods that can be used with Konibet cover a wide range of current deposit and withdrawal methods, such as bank transfers, credit cards, various wallets, and virtual currencies.
The number of deposit and withdrawal methods is directly related to the ease of use, so it is better to have more options!

[A wide variety of games! The best fun is here! ]

Konibet offers not only slots but also live casino, sports, fishing games, etc. so that players can enjoy with peace of mind!
The large number of games that can be played also leads to a sense of security and satisfaction for players!

[Distributed every week! Up to 10% cashback]

Every week, Konibet offers a cashback of up to 10% of the lost amount.


Cashback is available in live chat [I'll get it! ! ] and the password will complete the application.

Cashback will be automatically applied from the following Thursday, and cashback will be given sequentially from 12:00 every Saturday.

Because of automatic renewal, you do not need to apply every week once you apply.

If you no longer need Saturday cashback, please click [Gochisousama! ! ] If you apply for chat, it will be canceled.

[Conivet no deposit bonus]

Konibet offers a $20 no deposit bonus.

Target audience  

Dear Konibet player

Promotion content

Join Konibet and get a $20 experience bonus!

Application method

  • Please apply for the coupon code described in the message in the inbox at [Bonus Receipt] - [Coupon] - [Bonus Coupon].


Breaking downYou can also bet on ​! Sports betting on the rise


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[BebetWhat is]

BeeBet is an online casino and sports betting site founded in 2020. You can bet on various martial arts, both domestic and international, such as Breakingdown, RAIZIN, K-1, and UFC. Besides martial arts, you can also bet on baseball and soccer, so you won't get bored. Not only is it fully equipped with a Japanese site and customer support, but it also frequently holds events and promotions that are familiar to Japanese users.

​In addition to sports betting, there are live dealers and slot games, so it is an online casino site that is sure to get more and more exciting in the future.

[Abundant bet targets, number of games!]

BeeBet has a variety of bets, including sports betting, in addition to slots and live casino.

High school baseball, overseas soccer minor leagues, and comedy contests such as M-1, which are not available at other online casinos, are also eligible for bets.

There are so many types of games that you can play without getting bored.

[Free viewing function for live streaming]

Bebet allows you to stream live matches. Moreover, streaming viewing does not require depositing into the account opened on Bebet. There are other services like Bebet that allow you to watch live streaming, but basically the prerequisite is that you have a deposit in your account.

In other words, you have to spend at least real money to watch live streaming. However, Bebet is available for live streaming viewing as long as you have an account.

Since account creation is also free, it is possible to watch sports completely free.

Most major sports can only be viewed by subscribing to a paid subscription service, so just watching live sports is worth using BeeBet.

[Sports limited! No Deposit Bonus]

BeeBet No Deposit Bonus! $30 gift just for registering!
Get bonuses and bet on sports!

≪How to receive the bonus≫
Go to "Promotion" on the BeeBet registration screen
Just enter the code below to create an account!

​ Claim your free bonus now!


bonus code


[Slot limited!No Deposit Bonus]


BeeBet No Deposit Bonus! $30 gift just for registering!
Get a bonus and bet on casino games!

You can play popular slots and the latest slots from famous providers without depositing money!

≪How to receive the bonus≫
Go to "Promotion" on the BeeBet registration screen
Just enter the code below to create an account!

bonus code



A sophisticated and full-fledged playground entertains players


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[YugadoWhat is]

Yugado isVera & John CasinoIt is a sister brand born from the same operating company as InterCasino.

There are many things that are similar to Vera&John Casino such as the structure of the casino, so not only those who are already familiar with Vera&John Casino, but also beginners will surely enjoy it!

From the moment you open the site, you will be enveloped in a luxurious Japanese-style space, and an exciting time will begin.

[Taking care of our customers and continuing to evolve]

At Yugado, experienced customer support will help players with their online casino life in full Japanese.
In addition, since the opening of the site, we have continued to evolve, such as improving the convenience of the site, based on the opinions of players.
Because it is operated in the same way as Vera & John Casino and InterCasino, you can play with peace of mind under stable management.

[Let's play a variety of Yugado exclusive games]

At Yugado, you can play a lot of games with advance releases and exclusive releases.
Enjoy a special experience that you can't get anywhere else at Yugado!

[Deposits and withdrawals can be made in Japanese Yen]

At Yugado, you can use Japanese Yen for deposits and withdrawals.
You can easily enjoy it without worrying about exchange rates.
Yugado's deposit fee is 2% for credit cards only, and is free for other deposit methods. In the case of credit card, if the deposit amount exceeds 25,000 yen, there is no fee, so it is convenient when depositing a large amount.

[Yugado first deposit boxEggplant]

First deposit welcome bonus: 100% deposit bonus up to 50,000 JPY

Second deposit welcome bonus: 50% deposit bonus up to 25,000 JPY

3rd deposit welcome bonus: 100% deposit bonus up to 20,000 JPY
10-day trial bonus: If you log in for 10 consecutive days after the third deposit, you will receive a spin credit equivalent to 500 yen that can be used in the target game on a daily basis.


​Recommended for beginners! No.1 popular online casino in Japan

Vera & John(Vera & John)

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[Vera & John CasinoWhat is]

Vera&John Casino is a long-established online casino that opened in 2011.
Among the many online casinos, it is by far the most popular in Japan, and is characterized by its easy-to-understand operability even for beginners.

At Vera & John, we have a wide variety of campaigns and events that you can enjoy every day. inter casino andYugadois a sister site.

[Complete Japanese support + browser game for smartphones]

Vera John Casino fully supports Japanese
There is a website for smartphones
Depending on the type of terminal (PC, smartphone) to access,
It is a mechanism to automatically display the corresponding HP.


Since it is a browser game, by bookmarking the homepage,
You can start using it like an app!

[Highly reliable and enjoyable for beginners to veterans]

Vera & John Casino entered the Japanese market in 2012 and quickly became the most popular online casino in Japan due to its support for smartphone play and Japanese language support.

It is operated by the same company as InterCasino, which has the longest history among online casinos, and has a license issued by the Curacao government.
Due to its track record and high reliability, it is often chosen by online casino beginners and veteran players.

[Reward program where you can get items at a great price]

Vera & John Casino's reward program was renewed in October 2020.

In the past, you could get coins by clearing specified conditions such as logging in and depositing, but with the new reward program, coins are automatically accumulated every time you bet.
The coins you collect can be exchanged for cash or free spins, so the more you play, the more you get.

In addition, the level increases according to the number of times played, and the number of items that can be exchanged increases as the level increases.
It is also a nice point that winning or losing the game does not matter for collecting coins and leveling up.

[Vera&John first depositBonus]

Offer a 100% bonus up to the first deposit "$500"

Deposit $100 → $200 ($100 bonus provided)
Deposit $800 → $1300 ($500 bonus provided)


​Industry No.1 Rebate Rate & VIP No Downgrade Online Casino

Miracle casino(Miracle Casino)

スクリーンショット (185).png

[Miracle CasinoWhat is]

Miracle Casino is a new online casino established in 2022. The biggest feature of Miracle Casino is the industry's largest rebate bonus. Up to 1.1% in live casino and up to 1.55% in slot games, which is outstanding.

Non-demotion VIP program. Many sites calculate the monthly deposit amount and bet amount, but Miracle Casino calculates the cumulative deposit amount and bet amount, making it easier to raise the VIP rank than other companies.

​ Youth Casino andWonder Casinois a sister casino.

[No relegation! Industry-Leading VIP Program]

The biggest attraction of Miracle Casino is still the non-demotion VIP program.

Miracle Casino's VIP program has no relegation, so once you level up, you can maintain that level even if you haven't played for a while.

At many online casinos, you can guess that the VIP system will be invited by the amount of time you play and the amount you bet, but it is not specified how and when you will be ranked up.

However, at Miracle Casino, the cumulative deposit amount and bet amount to be invited to the VIP are clearly stated, making it easy for players to understand.


[The industry's largest rebate bonus]

Miracle Casino boasts the highest rate in the industry, the highest rate for live games "1.10%" and the highest rate for slot games "1.55%", which is by far the best in the casino industry! There is no upper limit on the rebate amount. ​The more you play, the more you enjoy it, so please try playing at Miracle Casino.

[Delicious promotions held from time to time]

Miracle Casino has great promotions for players from time to time. For details, see the official websitepromotion listPlease refer to the!

[Miracle CasinoNo Deposit Bonus]


Miracle Casino offers a $20 no deposit bonus.

Target audience  

Miracle casino player


Promotion details

Join Miracle Casino and get a $20 Experience Bonus!

Application method

[STEP 1] New registration to Miracle Casino. [Bonus code] will be sent to your inbox.

【 STEP 2 】Complete mobile phone number verification.

[STEP 3] Enter the [bonus code] on the bonus receipt page and get the bonus!


​Online casino & sports betting specializing in virtual currency Casino)

スクリーンショット (181).png

[Stake andteeth]

Stake (Stake Casino) is an online casino specializing in cryptocurrencies that opened in 2017. The stake casino feature is that it supports various virtual currencies, and you can bet on many sports such as UFC and MLB.

In addition, general live games such as baccarat, roulette, and blackjack are also available.

Japanese language support is also available, so you can play with confidence.

[You can play immediately, no identity verification required!]

Stake casinos are sometimes called online casinos that specialize in virtual currency, and you can deposit and withdraw and play without identity verification.

​You can play the game without troublesome procedures or identity verification.

In order to use the newly introduced bank transfer deposit/withdrawal and credit card deposit, it is necessary to verify your identity.

[No relegation! original VIP program]

There are quite a few other online casinos that offer VIP programs, but there are problems such as the promotion conditions not being clear, and even if you work hard to get promoted, you will be reset and start over.

Stake casino VIP clubs clearly state how much you have to bet to rank up, and you can cash out your bonus instantly!

There is no relegation once you climb the ladder, and the bonus you receive can be cashed out immediately. Experience this unique VIP program!

[Stake casino promotion]

Stake casinos are rich in campaigns and promotions. There are always some kind of promotions going on, and they are all gorgeous. From classic tournaments to seasonal and special promotions.
You can check the newest promotions from the promotions on the homepage, so if you're interested, don't miss it and check it out!

[Stake casino original game]


Stake Casino offers a variety of original games.

"Plinko" is one of them, with an amazing payout rate of 99.0% and a maximum dividend of "555 times", which combines ease of earning and getting rich quickly.profitable casino gamesContent.

In plinko, you can drop the ball and win the payout of the number where it landed.

Players can freely set the "number of pins" and "volatility", and can choose from a total of 9 patterns.

In addition, there is also a setting where you can always get a dividend of “bet amount x 0.5 times”, and the fact that you can enjoy it with low risk is also a big attraction.


​Reopened in 2019!

WONDER CASINO(Wonder Casino)

スクリーンショット (176).png


wondercasino is an online casino that reopened in 2019. Youth Casino and Miracle Casino are sister sites.

Wonder Casino is an online casino where deposits and withdrawals are fast, and the fastest speed is 30 seconds.

Wonder Casino has a withdrawal limit of 100 million yen per transaction, which is quite high, so it is also recommended for high rollers.

[Industry first! Introduced line support]

Wonder Casino offers a dedicated support service using LINE.

It is rare in the online casino industry that you can easily consult on LINE.

For general online casinos, you need to use the website or software inquiry form. It's a very convenient LINE inquiry, but you can't use it unless the VIP rank of Wonder Casino is business class or higher. The business rank is the second rank from the bottom, so you can clear it relatively easily, so don't worry.

[Withdrawal limit of 100 million yen for high rollers!]

At Wonder Casino, you can withdraw from a minimum of 5000 yen in any method. Withdrawal limit is 100 million yen per transaction, excluding Vega Wallet. For withdrawal methods other than Vega Wallet, the withdrawal limit is 100 million yen.  

[Powered-up VIP program]

VIP levels are divided into eight levels: BEGINNER, STANDARD, VIP1-6. Once promoted to "VIP" level, VIP cannot be demoted to STANDARD.

Each VIP class has a VIP promotion condition (monthly bet amount), and if you meet the condition, you will be promoted immediately the next day, which is the fastest VIP promotion in the industry. Also, while there are many casinos that require a deposit amount and a bet amount, one of the attractions of Wonder Casino is that you can be promoted only by the bet amount.

[Wonder CasinoNo deposit requiredBonus]


No Deposit Required Bonus (Bonus Code: 30nd)

Free $30 gift for new subscribers only!
Get a 1x wagering requirement no deposit bonus! If you have not registered at Wonder Casino, please register from the NORMAL plan and enjoy the game with free cash chips!

・Withdrawal limit $300
・Wagering requirement x1
・No bet limit
・ Reflection rate slot 100% / live 100%
・Target game All games


A new-generation bookmaker that combines ease of use and functionality

スクリーンショット (186).png

[Sportsbetio.What is?]

Sportsbetio. is an online casino and bookmaker that opened in 2016. allows you to deposit virtual currency directly, is famous for its easy-to-play sports betting, and has a wide variety of sports that you can play, and you can bet on most of the commonly known sports.

Of course, not only sports betting is famous, but you can also play general casino games.

Although the number and types are not as many as other online casino sites, you can play many table games while being a bookmaker.

You can play popular table games such as baccarat, blackjack, and roulette.

[Functions originally developed by] boasts top-class odds in the industry, but there are unique features such as a price boost function that raises the odds, a 4-3-Free function that allows you to win free bets, and a club talk function that allows you to get various benefits from the community. Enjoy special features!

[Safe and secure Curacao license] is licensed by the Dutch Territory of Curacao.

The Curacao license is a license obtained by many online casinos and bookmakers, so you can play with confidence.

[Japanese support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year]]

In other bookmakers, there are often times when you cannot contact support, but from April 2019, we have fully supported Japanese support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you don't understand something, you can contact support immediately and solve it on the same day.

Although it is an overseas service, it supports Japanese, so I am grateful that I can have an accurate conversation with peace of mind.

[ bonus]

At this time does not offer any kind of no deposit bonus or cashback. However, there are bonuses and promotions that are held every month. This offer may change monthly, so be sure to check the site regularly for the latest information.

​It is an online casino site with a lot of momentum now, so it will continue to be a bookmaker and online casino site that attracts attention.



  • Gaming Gaming Curaçao(ゲーミングキュラソー)

  • MGA(マルタゲーミング委員会)

  • GC(英国ギャンブル委員会)

  • GBGA(ジブラルタルギャンブル委員会)


Since this site is for people living outside of Japan, access to it other than those who fall under them is prohibited.

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